Simple (Web)-UI to illustrate usage of PowerToken and PowerTokenFactory. PowerToken is a modified Token contract - complient to ERC-20 - to exchange Power (Electicity). PowerTokenFactory is a factory contract to create or retrieve PowerToken contracts for a specified delivery time.

You need to have MetaMask installed (or a local geth node running!)

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Managed Objects

Usage Hints

The Token Problem

Tokens keep the same meaning - no metter if it is today or tomorrow. In other words if you have for example a Euro, Bitcoin or Dollar it represents something where a common sense of value exists.

With electricity we might have something similar with Watt-Hours, but the main difference is that it could not be traded as a Watt-Hour today is different to a Watt-Hour tomorrow. Depending on production of renewable energy the value represented is different.

Looking at energy markets the product traded is not Watt-Hours. It is always Watt-Hours in a certain timeframe. That's why a standard token as described in ERC 20 is not enough.

Electricity gets always traded as Watt-Hours + Delivery Timeframe.


As you see this is a DAPP ... As long as you have MetaMask installed you could run it from every location (eq. IPFS) opening index.html of the UI directory.

Contains the actual solidity based contracts.

Is mainly used to kick-start a development environment by providing a deploy.js

Where Next...

You find further examples for the energy market on Github. In particular you should check the dependency to PowerChain.